Dr. Mark Gdowski

Dr. Patrick Grierson

Dr. Pooja Koolwal

Dr. Jonathan Moreno

Dr. Michael Paley

Dr. Aaron Ver Heul

Dr. Dominique Williams


Sara Chowdhury, MD

Maria Gonzalez-Mayda, MD

Kory Lavine, MD

Kathryn Lindley, MD

Marina Litvin, MD


J. Chad Byrd, MD, PhD

Christina Ha, MD

Dustin Garth James, MD

James Carmon Mosley, III, MD

Joel David Schilling, MD, PhD


Leslie A. Andritsos, MD

Ian Harris, MD

Barbara Capes Jost, MD

Kevin Latinis, MD

John Mohart, MD


Andrew Kates, MD

Michael Kennedy, MD

Allison Liddell, MD

Raphael Merriman, MD

Suresh Paranjothi, MD


Gregory Botteron, MD

Gregory Ewald, MD

Craig Lundgren, MD

John Lynch, MD

Clark McKenzie, MD


Maurice Cairoli, MD

John Dunkel, MD

James Kaplan, MD

Daniel Kelly, MD

Samuel Ockner, MD

In 1984, Mr. Charles Cella made a generous gift to honor his physician, Dr. Norman Knowlton, Jr., who was a Professor Emeritus of Clinical Medicine in Internal Medicine at Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital. This award continues to build a legacy that advances the hospital’s devotion to helping our residents achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients and provide the best possible care for them, just like Dr. Knowlton did for so many years.


“The Knowlton Spirit describes physicians who are compassionate caregivers dedicated to the science of internal medicine,” Melvin Blanchard, MD, chief, Washington University division of medical education, and director, internal medicine residency program. These recipients continue to emerge as the best of the best, exuding the “Knowlton Spirit” by expertly balancing compassionate care with their efforts to advance the science of internal medicine.


For more information on how you can contribute to the "Knowlton Spirit", please visit www.barnesjewish.org.


Nusayba Bagegni, MD

Jason Bill, MD

Jason Burnham, MD

Jacob Goldstein, MD

Brett Jagger, MD

Thomas Regenbogen, MD

Sangita Sudharshan, MD


Jennifer Alexander-Brett, MD, PhD

Sara Cross, MD

Corey Foster, MD

Ryan Roop, MD

Shivak Sharma, MD


Kevin Lawrence, MD

Courtney Virgilio, MD

Christopher Holley, MD PhD

Thomas Kerr, MD, PhD

Brian Lindman, MD


Peter Crawford, MD

Hasan Guven, MD

DouglasHorstmanshof, MD

Steven Lawrence, MD

Clinton Snedegar, MD


Alexander Granok, MD

Michael Naughton, MD

William Oellerich, MD

Chandra Prakash, MD

Giridhar Vedala, MD


M. Eric Carter, MD

John Frattini, MD

Betty Lee Pryor, MD

Dino Recchia, MD

Thomas Sherman, MD


W. Claiborne Dunagan, MD

Steven Edmundowicz, MD

J. Randall Hansbrough, MD

Robert Kopitsky, MD

Samuel Wickline, MD


Adam Anderson, MD

Kelly Cushing, MD

Chase Hall, MD

Tanner Johanns, MD, PhD

Michael Nassif, MD

David Raymer, MD

Ted Thomas, MD


Megan Jacoby, MD

Michael Yeung, MD

Sagun Goyal, MD, MSC

Andrew Labelle, MD

Mariko Johnson, MD


Amanda Fishback Cashen, MD

Joshua Field, MD

Sujith Kalathiveetil, MD

Hilary Reno, MD, PhD

Timothy Schloss, MD


Irfan Agha, MD

Leonidas Carayannoupoulos, MD

Gopa Green, MD

Deborah Lenschow, MD

Graeme Mindel, MD


Charles F. Carey, MD

David A. Katzman, MD

Hans H. Lee, MD

Venkatarama K. Rao, MD

James St. Pierre, MD


Jeffrey L. Hallett, MD

Daniel K. Howard, MD

Robert F. Onder, Jr. MD

Craig H. Reynolds, MD

Mark J. Vellek, MD


Karl Crossen, MD

James Cury, MD

David Ferney, MD

Robert Kopitsky, MD

Deborah Parks, MD


Thomas Ciesielski, MD

Rafael Garcia, MD

Claire Moynihan, MD

Amit Patel, MD

David Picker, MD

Peter Riedell, MD


Seth Goldberg, MD

Amy Elisabeth Riek, MD

Ajit Haldipur Janardhan, MD

Lee Demertzis, MD

Lukas Wartman, MD


John Battaile, MD

Richard Garmany, MD

Christopher Kwoh, MD

Steven Leh, MD

Virginia Reddy, MD


Hilary Babcock, MD

Marcia Chantler, MD

Kellie Flood, MD

William Katsiyiannis, MD

Richard Starlin, MD


Daniel Connell, Jr., MD

Samuel Franklin, Jr., MD

Linda Peterson, MD

Bonnie Rawat, MD

Keith Woeltje, MD


Matthew Arquette, MD

Thomas Bailey, MD

Paul Buse, MD

Mark Eaton, MD

Michelle Woodley, MD


Courtney Chrisler MD

Emily Fondahn, MD

Vladimir Kushnir, MD

Melissa Rooney, MD

Marc Sintek, MD

Catherine Chen, MD


John Dallas, MD

andrew Krainik, MD, MPH

Alexander Chi Chen, MD

Daniel Ringold, MD

Daniel Cooper, MD


Sharina Belani, MD

Jill Elwing, MD

Warren Isakow, MD

Gregory Sayuk, MD

Alan Zajarias, MD


Shubhada Ahya, MD

Nir Goldstein, MD

Jason Rogers, MD

Jasvindar Singh, MD

Gunjan Tykodi, MD


Steven Brown, MD

Jorge Diego, MD

Mary Kiehl, MD

Jeana O’Brien, MD

Christopher Speidel, MD


Steven Lentz, MD

James Loomis, MD

Robert McDonald, MD

John Ord, MD

Anne Pittman, MD

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