Mentors in Medicine

The Mentors in Medicine program is designed to provide research mentorship and career development for our residents. Participation in the program begins during the intern year and runs throughout the three years of residency. Each categorical intern is matched with a full-time senior faculty member based on their academic background, career goals and areas of special interests for maximum compatibility.


This mentoring program provides our residents with an opportunity to have close interaction with the faculty to facilitate the residents long-term career development. Residents are provided an opportunity for funded, planned and approved clinical trial projects which they apply for during their intern year.


Throughout the academic year, mentors and mentees are encouraged to set three to four appointments discuss project goals and career plans. The goal is to develop a long-term relationship where the resident will learn leadership skills, foster social interactions and interpersonal relationships, receive support, encouragement and research advice.


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**Due Date for  2019-2020 applications is June 3, 2019 by 7am.

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  • Roger Yusen, MD, MPH, Director Mentors in Medicine
  • Seth Eisen, MD, MS, Assistant Director Mentors in Medicine
  • Matthew Heaton, MIM Coordinator

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