Past Committee Members


  • Director:  Rakhee K. Bhayani MD
  • Faculty Members: Victoria J. Fraser MD, Maria Baggstrom MD, Lynn A. Cornelius MD, Megan E. Wren MD, Sharon Cresci MD, Hilary Babcock MD, MPH
  • Fellows Outreach Subcommittee Co-Directors: Sharon Cresci MD and Hilary Babcock MD, MPH
  • Fellows Outreach Subcommittee Members: Anuja Java MD, Kaharu Sumino MD, MPH, Caline Mattar MD, Julie Silverstein MD, Jenny Kwon MD
  • Chief Resident members: Cassandra Fritz MD and Wendy Wang MD
  • Fellow representative: Iris Lee MD
  • House staff representatives: Aisling Doyle MD, Han Li MD, Jaspur Min MD, Alyssa Self MD, Basia Michalski MD, Caroline Rogi MD, Ankita Tirath MD, Gretchen Evans MD, MPH, Valerie Le MD, Alexandra Hickman MD, Andrea Soares MD, Elizabeth Terry MD
  • Project Coordinator:  Matthew Heaton




  • Director:  Rakhee K. Bhayani, MD
  • Faculty Members: Maria Baggstrom, MD, Lynn A. Cornelius, MD, Victoria J. Fraser, MD, Linda R. Peterson, MD, Megan E. Wren, MD
  • Chief Resident members: Catherine McCarthy, MD, PhD, Jacqueline Chen, MD
  • House staff representatives: Christina Anderson, MD, Cassandra Fritz, MD, Stephanie Velloze, MD, Ann-Marcia Tukpah, MD, Han Li, MD, Jaspur Min, MD, Alyssa Self, MD, Basia Michalski, MD, Caroline Rogi, MD, Ankita Tirath, MD, Gretchen Evans, MD, MPH, Aisling Doyle, MD
  • Project Coordinator:  Kirsten Jones


Past FWIM Committee Members of 2016-2017

Past FWIM Committee Members of 2015-2016

Past FWIM Committee Members of 2014-2015


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