Teaching Physician Pathway

Sample Pathway Timeline

PGY-1 Fall

  • Apply for TPP


PGY-1 Spring

  • Orientation (one hour, evening session)
  • Identify mentor and project topic



PGY-2 Fall (2 Weeks)

  • Core Curriculum:
    • Learning theory
    • Curriculum design
    • Leadership skills
  • Apply for Mentors in Medicine
  • Project development with mentor


PGY-2 Spring (4 Weeks)

  • Active teaching role and curriculum design in undergraduate or graduate medical education courses, lectures and small group teaching sessions

PGY-3 Fall (2 Weeks)

  • Peer-to-peer presentations and project development


PGY-3 Spring

  • Project Completion
  • Presentation/evaluation of project
  • National conference attendance/presentation

2016 Applications are due December 9. Please click here to download the application. For questions or to submit your application, contact Dr. Patrica Kao at kaop@wustl.edu.

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