Rudolph A. Tuteur Pulmonary Lectureship

Rudolph A. Tuteur faced many challenges in his 73 years.  When he was only 14 years old, his father died. Rudy left his studies in gymnasium to support his mother and sister.  He began his sales career from the back of his bicycle. The rise of Hitler interrupted Rudy’s now successful business, forcing him to emigrate from Berlin to America. He first worked in a factory to support his mother, wife and later son. Despite progressive pulmonary disease, he persevered – eventually excelling once again in business.


His greatest joy was the pride he possessed to be able to afford his son and grandchildren the education fate denied him. Rudolph A. Tuteur died with emphysema in 1980. He would be so pleased that this lectureship, in his memory, continues to contribute to the education of men and women dedicated to serving the health care needs of future generations.


This lectureship is endowed by family, friends, patients and colleagues of the Tuteur family to memorialize Rudolph A. Tuteur. The goal of this professorship is to promote further understanding of problems associated with chronic pulmonary disease from which he suffered.





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